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Mathematical Dermatology

shapes and skin disease

Since 2021.10


Dec 1-2, 2022


Kyoto-Vienna biomath workshop, organized by Antoine&Seirin@ASHBi and Sara@Univ. of Vienna, will be held in Vienna.

Nov 18, 2022


ASHBi workshop for mathematical human biology, MathHuB2022,  will be held.

March 2022


Seirin was appointed as a Editorial board member in Journal of Theoretical Biology (Elsevier)

Dec 9th-11th 2021

Seirin gave a talk in urticaria international conference, GALEN UCARE Urticaria International Conference 2021. The math changes the world!!

Nov 13th 2021

Seirin  gave an Invited talk at EASIAM conference!

Nov 1st 2021

Outreach for junior high school students. “Mathematics is a language”.

Oct 29th 2021

ASHBi workshop for mathematical human biology (MathHub 2021) was held.

Oct 26th 2021

Seirin gave an Invited talk in the international conference ReaDiNet 2021, Recent Topics in Reaction-Diffusion System, Biology, Medicine and Chemistry

Oct 20th 2021

Seirin gave an Invited talk in RIMS International workshop for Modeling and Mathematical Analysis of Dynamics of Patternsホーム

Oct 19th 2021

CREST Kickoff !!

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